Thursday, December 22, 2011

Don't PANIC! It's just the holidays... and I'm happy to help.

I love this time of year! Everything about it, the lights, the food, family and friends coming together, and my favorite part... THE FASHION! Who doesn't love a reason to get all dressed up and go out on the town. From the sparkles to the quirky sweaters, this season's fashion is awesome. I have always loved shopping for clothes during the holidays.  Here's a few of this year's favorites...

1) Sparkles!!! Lots and lots of sparkles!!! The holidays are all about the glitter & glam. Think about all the  sparkly lights and shiny ornaments. What better way to show your holiday spirit...throw on some glittery clothing and shine! I am personally going through a sparkles phase myself, which is great timing for this season. So when picking out your outfits this month try to channel your inner 80's glam diva!!!

2) You've got to love pea coats! Pea coats are great for the holiday season. For one thing they will keep you warm during this cold winter weather ( which I should not be complaining about, considering the fact that I live in LA.).   I especially love my Missoni for Target Pea coat (shown below.) If you don't already own a pea coat, you should go buy one right now. Trust me every girl needs a nice pea coat in their wardrobe to feel empowered.  When I wear this great one made by Missoni, I feel I can conquer the world.  Or at least the mall.

3) Quirky sweaters are a hipster's favorite this time of year. All I can say is when shopping for that perfect holiday sweaters, use Rachel Berry as your inspiration. Her wardrobe is always on my mind when I am searching for sweaters. I think I have succeded in my search for a Rachel Berry sweater, with the one below.

Here's some other fun options, with and without animals.

4) One final fashion trend I will share with you is Faux Fur Vests!!! They are totally stylish for this time of year, just ask fashion icon Rachel Zoe.  Add this item to your closet when you get a chance, just make sure it's faux fur.

So there you go, four great holiday fashion trends that I hope will hep you with all your fashion needs this month.

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